Keeping The Cast or Wound Dry

When someone suffers a broken bone or has surgery, consideration soon turns to the new complexity of daily life.

Coping with a cast or a wound is inconvenient and awkward. One of the most difficult things to accomplish is keeping the cast or wound dry while taking a shower or bath. Luckily, there are cast and wound protectors that can keep the water out if your cast is not waterproof.

Showering After Surgery

Showering after surgery is important for physical comfort and the emotional pick-me-up that a hot shower provides. Until recently, the only choices were to hang the cast over the tub (or outside the shower curtain), or to make a tape and plastic bag wrap cover. These methods do not work well, and when a cast gets too wet, it must be remade. Stitched wounds are difficult to keep dry using layers of bandages or with plastic and tape. In addition, the body is contorted and it is simply not safe for you. Bandage protectors, skin protectors, and waterproof leg cast protectors show you how to shower with a cast on your leg or arm and allow patients to shower by themselves, giving them a greater sense of privacy. These post surgery aids can also help speed up recovery time. For those living alone, it is essential to be able to cover the wound or cast without help. This is possible with easy to use bandage protective covers.

Exposure to bad weather is another important consideration, especially for hand and foot casts. It is common to wear a sock over a foot cast, but most people do not cover a hand cast, and therefore hand casts are especially difficult to keep dry. Even when covered with a glove or sock, heavy rain or snow will cause a hand or foot cast to become wet. Waterproof cast protection is essential during inclement weather.

Waterproof Cast Protectors

Waterproof cast protectors, arm bandage protectors, and skin protectors are now available making life with a cast or stitches much easier. Made of synthetic material, these waterproof protectors cover the cast or wound, keeping water out so that showering and bathing is possible. The protectors are reusable, made in adult and pediatric sizes, and usually cost less than $50. The only maintenance required is to dry the cover off after use. For swimmers, protectors allowing complete submersion in water are available.

When you keep your cast dry and free from moisture, you can reduce your chances of getting a rash, infection or possible fungal growth.

Water is no longer the enemy for those with a cast or wound, thanks to the surgery protective waterproof covers now available.

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