Fixed Folding Toilet Side Rails

Toilet side rails are a safety feature for the elderly or disabled to make life easier in a bathroom environment. Side rails decrease falls when accessing the toilet, make it easier to get up and down and help get off the toilet.

When installed properly, folding toilet side rails are secure, stable and can be conveniently folded up and away. People, who suffer from joint or muscle pain when sitting, can use these rails to alleviate and adjust their bodies in these painful positions. People confined to a wheelchair also find it easier to transfer with these rails around.

Benefits of Fixed Folding Toilet Side Rails

If you have trouble with toilet transfers, these side rails can act as a stable grab bar, making for more stable standing and transfers from a wheelchair or walkers. I have talked to many people who have these side rails next to their toilet and their experiences are all the same. They can get up easier and are able to spread the physical workload to their upper body. No more grunting, shaky legs, straining at the knees and hips, or worrying about hitting the porcelain. This is especially true for someone who owns the low or standard height toilets. Simply grab the rails, pull with your arms and stand with your legs. Additionally, they do not take up much space when it is not being used.

These fixed folding toilet side rails are also referred to as pull down grab bars. They are fixed mounted on the wall on one side or on each side of the toilet. Push them up flat against the wall when not in use and they will remain mostly unnoticed. Here are some recommended toilet side rails.

Other Toilet Support Bars

Fixed Toilet Grab Bars

Fixed toilet grab bars do not fold up and may take up a portion of your bathroom area such as the sides or walls nears the toilet. They work well when someone needs stability when approaching and getting up and down on the toilet. Toilet grab bars are often used after an illness, injury or surgery to increase safety and avoid any falls. These fixed toilet side grab bars when compared to fixed folding toilet side rails are relatively inexpensive. Depending on what type you prefer they usually range from $15 to $40. Here is a list of recommended fixed toilet grab bars.

Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails can extend from behind the toilet and to the floor, mounted on top of the toilet or on the toilet seat. They offer the same amount of stability as fixed folding toilet rails but they do take up the area on and around the toilet. If you can agree to lose some space, these toilet safety rails are a much more affordable alternative. Here are some safety rails with great reviews.

Regardless of whether a person prefers folding toilet side rails, fixed toilet grab bars or toilet safety rails, be sure to make it a priority in your bathroom. They all can prevent injury and assist in bathroom maneuvering. Installation is quick and easy for most professional DIY’ers but should be tested to make sure they are completely secure. Be sure to give it a nice tug as a test when they are screwed into a wall stud.

Toilet side rails are available online at the handicapped equipment store and at most durable medical equipment supply stores. Making sure a loved one has as much safety at their fingertips as possible gives everyone a sense of well-being. A bathroom fall has a high incident of serious injury because of the hard floors and exposure to wet areas. Grab bars and side rails increase safety and peace of mind.