Car Handicap Aids

Handicap equipment for cars is a necessary need for those people who have disabilities. Having a car that is equipped for a handicapped individual allows that person freedom to travel, visit family or friends, go to medical appointments, etc.

A vehicle that is equipped with these aids lets the person get into and get out of the vehicle much easier and safer. Having the right equipment makes the transition of leaving your house and getting into the car easier for the person. Let us quickly explore the options.

Affordable Car Aids

Some affordable handicap devices and simple vehicle aids would include a car grab bar. The grab bars are easily inserted and mounted to a solid area, such as a car door U hook or car window or anywhere you need assistance or support. They are easy to grip and small enough to be portable. Click here for more information and pictures.

Swivel Cushions

Another great affordable item would be a seat cushion that swivels. Simply place on your car seat and just swivel the cushion with the movement of your body and it turns to help you get in and out of the car without having to twist and turn your body. There is also a trapeze like item that you attach to your car’s door and window frame that you pull the handles that assist you out of the car.

More Expensive Options

The cost of handicap car aids would range in price. The most expensive is purchasing yourself a handicapped equipped vehicle. To save money, you can also have your car, van, or truck converted into a handicapped vehicle. The cost of this will vary depending on what you plan on having done and the extent of work, but it could run you into thousands of dollars. You will want to see what works best for you because in the end it could save you a lot of money. Generally, insurance does not pay for this, but double check with your provider to make sure.

Having a car aid allows someone who does not want to lose their mobility freedom and have to depend on someone else. In certain situations, by using these handicap aids for your car, you can still enjoy getting out and enjoying your life.