Sitz Baths Used For Relaxing Therapies

A sitz bath is an accessible, relaxing therapy that can help ease and treat a number of health ailments depending on the temperature of the water used. For treating hemorrhoids, muscle soreness, painful testicles or ovaries, and even for mental and emotional pregnancy healing, a hot sitz bath (water between 95 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit) should be used. For easing constipation, inflammation, excessive vaginal discharge, and even infertility problems, a cold sitz bath (water no colder than 68 degrees Fahrenheit) should be used.

Using A Sitz Bath

A sitz bath’s basic requirement is for you to sit in the seat that holds the healing solution. What’s in a sitz bath solution? It is usually water, saline solution, bath salts or some herbal concoction. Generally, a sitz bath should last between fifteen and twenty minutes and can be taken in a bathtub with the use of a sitz bath basin or on top of a toilet like a raised toilet seat. If a person chooses to utilize a bath tub, they should fill the tub with two to five inches of the appropriate temperature of water. Many people find a sitz bath basin, or a portable sitz bath, to be more convenient, as it can be placed on any standard toilet. They can be found at any drug store chain for approximately $10.00 and will come with the necessary instructions and tools needed for proper usage and care.

  • Sitz Bath Basins – Place this sitz bath basin in the toilet and fill it with your desired liquids like warm water, cold water or a healing solution.

Sitz Bath Treatments

To help sooth swollen ankles, headaches and migraines, sinus and congestion problems, and even neuralgia, alternating between a hot and cold sitz bath (stay in hot sitz bath for 3 or 4 minutes and switch to cold sitz bath) is advised. A sitz bath, with a doctor’s instruction, is also especially useful for women after giving birth, the care of the elderly, and patients recovering from surgery. People have found the use of sitz bath salts very soothing and may increase the rate of healing in the affected area.

  • Sitz Bath Salts – Users bought these bath salts to help with the healing of pregnancy tearing in the perineal area. Great for hemorrhoids too.

While it’s common for a sitz bath to be used in hospitals or medical offices for patient care, it is suggested that a sitz bath may be more effective when done at home. A person is most comfortable in the privacy of their own home, and a person’s comfort is essential for recuperation from any ailment.