Best Shower Aids For Seniors

Although showers are a regular part of one’s daily routine, many people do not put much thought into ensuring that their shower is both safe and comfortable. However, there are several shower tools for seniors that one can use to improve their showering habits.

Seniors are the best candidates for shower aids because  they have a loss in dexterity and have trouble maintaining balance in wet environments. Other people who can gain from shower aids are people with mobility issues, disabilities, and those who simply want to ensure a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

Items That Make Showering Safer

Long Handle Bath Sponges

Items such as a long handle bath sponge also go a long way to making a shower more comfortable for everyone. These are great shower aids for scrubbing hard-to-reach items such as one’s back. You can keep yourself safe by not overstraining the muscles. Pregnant women often find these sponges invaluable, as they allow one to scrub one’s legs or feet without bending over an uncomfortably large belly.

Shower Safety Treads

Slipping and falling in the shower is painful and can be very dangerous, particularly for those who have frail bones. With that being said, shower safety treads are an easy and inexpensive way to prevent dangerous slips in the shower. Safety treads adhere easily to a bathtub or shower floor, and create a non-slip floor surface for bathers. Most safety treads come in neutral colors so as to fade into the background, but families may also look for bright and colorful treads that come in kid-friendly shapes such as fishes, stars, and hearts.

Upgrade Your Shower Head

A third way to make one’s bathing experience safer and more comfortable is to upgrade one’s shower head. Hand held shower heads for the elderly are easily installed at home with a minimum of time and effort, and will allow one to sit in the bathtub or on a shower stool while basking underneath a warm spray of water. Many of these shower heads also come with massaging functions that are great for bathers with sore back or calf muscles. Eco-friendly bathers can even look for low-flow hand held shower heads in order to maximize comfort while minimizing one’s carbon footprint. Extend the shower hose and reposition the shower controls to make this the perfect shower aid for the disabled too.

  • Suction Showerhead Wall Mount – If you already have a showerhead and need it positioned lower, consider suction showerhead wall mounts to keep the shower handle in place. They are also perfect for giving showers to your infant or smaller child.
  • Permanent Showerhead Wall Mount – This is a chrome wall mount that offers the option of a permanent or suction showerhead wall mount.

Shower Stands

Well mounted shower stands can reduce the amount of stretching and reaching you have to do during a shower. They can also keep shampoo bottles, soaps and shower brushes in a sturdy area. A bottle that falls and hits your feet is a painful experience that can be eliminated with shower stands.