Wheelchair Stair Lifts

There have been many accessories invented to help alleviate some of the obstacles faced by those who are wheelchair bound. One of the most useful of these accessories is the wheelchair stair lift. Wheelchair stair lifts are used in homes or buildings where stairs are a permanent structure and not easily accessed by those who have limited mobility due to being wheelchair bound. For taller buildings or places with more space, wheelchair elevator lifts are the better solution to go up multiple stories.

Wheelchair stair lifts can greatly increase the mobility and physical independence of those who are wheelchair bound on a daily basis. By employing the use of a properly installed wheelchair stair lift, the wheelchair bound homeowner is given the opportunity to stay in their current living situation without the need for costly home renovation or having to leave their multi-storied home.

By adding a lift, wheelchair users are better able to move about their environment without the specific aid or assistance of others. Accessibility to all levels of a home is gained when a lift is added, thus giving the wheelchair user more opportunity for independent living and sense of personal choice.

Wheelchair stairlifts can be installed in any number of ways to suit the particular needs of the user. Most people would prefer a renovation of their home rather than choose an assisted living arrangement.

Home Wheelchair Stair Lifts

Wheelchair stair lifts are available in a variety of models designed to fit the needs and structural requirements of the home. Attached to an existing staircase structure, a wheelchair stair lift provides comfortable seating attached to a drive assembly which safely and smoothly pulls the seated user up or down the wheelchair staircase as needed.

Users have a choice of either electric or battery operated models. While both offer reliable service, preference would dictate choice of purchase. Battery operated models, which can be charged anywhere along the track, are convenient in that during power outages, the stair lift will still be operational. The last thing you want is to have your staircase wheelchair lift stop midway during an electrical outage even if these occurrences are rare.

Still others may prefer an electric model. With the purchase of an electric model, there is no need for users to charge or replace the battery when needed thus making an electric model preferable for those who choose a simpler service from their wheelchair stair lift. The more features you opt for, the more expensive the wheelchair stair lifts prices will be. Curved stair lifts are also more expensive because they must be customized to fit specific staircases. Mass manufactured straight stair lifts require less installation time and are more affordable.

Whether electric or battery operated, those who suffer from limited mobility on any physical level will benefit from the independent use of a wheelchair stairlift.