How To Walk With Crutches Properly

Medical crutches provide the user, extra balance, when they are standing or walking. It provides three legs for stability. Since all the weight is supported on the arms and shoulders, you need have some upper body strength.

It is not recommended for persons unable to support their own weights. In those scenarios, it is better to get a manual wheelchair or a motorized wheelchair.

Adult crutches are given to individuals who are told to remove any weight bearing on the foot or ankles. Their handicaps are temporary and during this time, it is important to learn how to use them properly.

Setting the lengths for crutches

It is important to set the proper lengths for the crutches. The crutches length should be the distance from your armpits to about 5-7 inches in front of your feet. You also want to be able to grab the hand grips on the crutches.

Walk with crutches

Keep your good leg in the center and your crutches on the sides. The weight will be distributed mainly on the good leg. Move the crutches first and make sure it’s not that far ahead of you. You want to keep yourself relatively stable. Then bring your good leg and injured leg forward. Repeat this process.

If cost is a major factor for you, there are other handicapped equipment like used crutches that are just as effective as new crutches. As long as you measure the length of used crutches and/or adjust them to your needs, you will not have to buy new.

Pressure Under Armpits When Using Crutches

If you experience a lot of pressure and discomfort under your armpits when you use crutches, consider the alternatives like forearm crutches or adding accessories like gel pads to your crutches. The underarm gel pads prevent hard spots and provide comfort.