Used Handicapped Equipment

There are a few reasons to buy used handicapped equipment and they do not revolve solely on cost.

Cheaper handicapped equipment

– Things that are used will usually, if not always, be cheaper than their brand new counterparts. And since a lot of handicapped products are solidly build and can withstand a lot of use, they remain just as good. It’s better not to think of it as cheap but rather “tested effective.”

Broken in handicap equipment

– For the most part, used handicapped equipment worked for the previous owner. With new handicap equipment, you are not always sure if the item works. Another factor is the “squeakiness” of new equipment. For mobility equipment, you want a smooth ride and being new does not always provide. This also applies to stairlifts for narrow stairs and stairlifts for curved stairs. Although for used curved stairs, it is hard to find something that will fit your specific stairs. Contact a stair-lift dealer to determine if the measurements of the used stair lift are usable for your own needs.

Still like new handicap equipments

– There are many people who are temporarily handicapped and so their handicapped equipments get used for only a short time period. Much of the handicapped supplies are as new as the ones purchased at a store. Commonly used second hand handicapped equipment are used wheelchairs, medical crutches, used handicap cars and vans, and other handicap accessible equipment. Occasionally, the older handicap equipment gets misplaced or damaged. But the damage is usually weather related and some rust remover and smoothing out of the equipment should put it back into good use. This is absolutely relevant for things like old wheelchair ramps which are practically unbreakable and for manual wheelchairs that need to be broken in.

Donations for handicapped equipments

– Used handicapped equipment might be free if you know of a friend or local charity that donates or lends such goods to the public. Free is always better than cheap. If you are lucky, you might get donations like used handicap wheelchair lifts taken out from modified handicapped vehicles. If you are extremely lucky, someone might offer to donate their whole used handicapped vehicles or handicapped equipped motorhome.