Tips to Know Before Buying Handicapped Equipments

When you make the commitment to purchase handicapped equipment, you have to consider the costs and how you will pay for it. Hopefully at this point you will have talked to your doctor about their handicap equipment recommendations and decided what to buy. Now, you have to decide if the item can be bought new or used. There is plenty of use handicapped equipment for sale at auction sites. Most have been used by previous temporarily disabled owners. There are also handicapped equipment rentals. You can get wheelchairs, used crutches, handicap wheelchair ramps, and handicapped equipped vehicles at a fraction of their original costs. Just make sure you can modify it to suit your needs. I can’t stress this part enough. You have to be able to adjust the handicapped equipment to fit and be comfortable for you.

Handicapped Equipment For Sale

How to spot a sale for handicapped equipment? When someone has rehabiliated themselves, there is no longer the need for their used handicap equipment. If you can locate someone who had a temporary disability but no longer needs their wheelchair, crutches, shower benches, handicapped chairs  etc.., you should be able to get a good sale out of it. Nursing homes and senior centers also clean out their inventories, if you can talk to someone working there, you might get some for free or for a great price. VA hospitals are also hot spots to find handicap equipment for sale if you have no problems about using secondhand items.

Buying new equipment is much more difficult but not impossible. Our store has found the most affordable products on the internet put together in one page.

Your Main Point of Purchasing Handicapped Equipments

Buying disability products is all about improving your quality of life. All your purchases must revolve around that single thought. If you make the wrong decision about handicapped equipments, it may end up being more of a burden, than an aid. Concentrate on your needs or the needs of the individual you intend on getting a the gift for.

  • Which physical body areas are they most capable? Their arms? Their legs?
  • Do they miss being independent?
  • Which areas of their home will they use this item?
  • Will this item really improve your or their quality of life?

Handicap Equipment Insurance Coverage Tips

There are times when your medicare or insurance will pay for most or all of the handicapped equipment. Your doctor must provide the proper documentation and you must find out if medicare covers that particular item. Ask your doctor for recommendations of handicapped equipment suppliers that are capable of covering the all or most of the costs. They know what constitutes proper evidence in order for Medicare and insurance companies to reimburse the costs. Read more about medicare for medical equipment.

Where to Buy Products for Handicapped

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