Equipment To Help With Poor Grip

For some people, a weak grip can be strengthened through the use of specialized equipment, such as grip strengtheners, forearm rollers and even a simple towel. However, some individuals are unable to strengthen their grip due to an injury or other underlying condition.

Arthritis, a painful joint inflammation disorder, is one of the most common such conditions. Fortunately, individuals who suffer from arthritis, poor grip or related conditions need not resign themselves to avoiding all activities that require some level of grip strength; they can find equipment available that will make virtually almost any common gripping-related task easy.

Jar Openers

Opening food jars with stuck or sealed lids is a common hassle for individuals with grip problems. Specifically designed jar openers can make this problem significantly less difficult. Specific styles of jar openers range from gloves with rubber sticky pads in the palms to more complex gadgets with gripping prongs and automatic releases built in to the handle. The price of such products normally ranges from about $5 to about $30, depending on the style. Check out more of the available kitchen aids.

  • Rubber Non Skid Jar Openers – Requires the use of two hands but can make opening those jars a lot easier with that extra friction. It is like opening jars with sticky pads but with none of the residue. Affordable, great for someone with poor grip but not the best for someone with arthritis.
  • Manual Jar Openers – Once installed on a platform, you can use one hand to open a jar. Lock the jar into place and twist. Great reviews for this product.
  • Electric Jar and Can Openers – Open jars and cans without exerting any strength. The machine will grip onto the jar cap and do the twisting and turning for you. This electric opener does it all.
  • One Handed Manual Can Openers – With the power of a few squeezes, you can be able to open a can with one hand. The end of this can opener is magnetic so when the lid is removed, the lid sticks on.

Door Knob Turners

Individuals with severe grip disorders may also need assistance with opening doorknobs, especially on heavy or stiff exterior doors. Door knob turners are designed to virtually remove grip strength from the equation for the person opening a door. For example, some styles simply add a long, extended lever to a typical round doorknob, allowing users to press down on the lever to open the door; therefore, there is no need for the person to grip the doorknob or handle.

Other styles of door knob assist turners do not contain a lever; instead, they simply surround the round doorknob with a unique, rubber-like polymer; the result is that the doorknob takes almost no grip strength to turn. These door grips generally cost between $6 and $10 a piece. Buy door knob assist grippers here. There are also automatic door openers that cost a bit more but requires no physical turning of any knobs; only needs a press of a button.

More Grip Equipment Suggestions

There are many other equipment to help with poor grip that are designed specifically for an individual’s daily needs. These products range from simple household products like nail clippers or hair brushes with unique long handles and slip less grips, to kitchen products like knives and spatulas that require little strength to operate due to their incorporation of the principles of leverage into their design. Or, for the person who needs a little grip strength assistance in a variety of different tasks, there are unique gloves with small, convenient grip pads built into them. Thanks to modern technology, grip disorders no longer have to be a major handicap.

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Automatic Handicap Door Openers

Handicapped, disabled, and elderly people often struggle with everyday tasks that most people don’t think twice about. Opening a door, for instance, can be a real struggle, especially for someone with limited mobility.

Handicap door openers solve this problem by making the process of opening a door as easy as pushing a button. These automatic door openers for disabled can be installed on just about any door, in a home or in a business. Businesses and schools that wish to be handicapped-accessible often choose to install handicap door openers to improve their customers’ experiences. Because of the growing popularity of these devices, it is very easy to find a contractor to install door openers at an affordable cost.

How Handicap Door Openers Work

Automatic door openers can work on motion sensing, like in a grocery store, but this is not the most common type of door opener. Instead, most doors use a wall switch or a touch panel. This allows users to push a button to open doors; most handicapped individuals are still able to operate buttons. Wheelchair users can create automatic doors and place the remote on their chair. Indeed, installing an automatic door opener can greatly improve handicapped people’s lives if they use electric wheelchairs in the home. This is because the door openers increase mobility, both in the home and out. Rather than relying on other people to open doors, or precariously trying to open doors themselves, handicapped people can use door openers to navigate any room or business.

Home Door Knob Openers

Others may benefit from installing an automatic door opener in their home. The elderly tend to lose muscle mass as they age, so opening a heavy door could be a struggle for older individuals. Many older people also suffer from diseases like Parkinson’s, which damage fine motor skills and could make turning a door knob difficult. Because of this, senior living centers often install a touch panel at every door in the facility.

There are also simple to use door knob assist openers, door knob extenders and door handle grippers. It creates a handle on a door knob that can be pushed down to open. There is no more need to grip on a door knob and then twist.

Remote Controlled Door Openers

Some individuals take a longer time to open the doors and require the use of remote controls. Bed ridden people and those with impaired mobility use remote controlled doors without having to get up from a chair or bed. Someone with bad knees will find these automatic door openers very helpful too.

  • Buy Automatic Remote Controlled Door Openers – This door opener fits on swing doors that weigh up to 100lbs. Button operated automatic door for the handicapped. With a push of a button, the swing door opens automatically.
  • Wireless Wall Mounted Push Button – Get this optional wall mounted push button device along with the automatic door opener so you do not have to carry the remote controller. Simply place this wireless device on a wall area where you can access and press the button.

Installing an automatic door opener does not have to be difficult. Many contracting services will supply to materials and install them. These contractors can modify existing doors or install automatic door openers in new buildings. Modifying existing doors may be more expensive than installing a new door in many cases, however.

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