Post Back Surgery Equipment

If you have just had surgery on your back, you are probably experiencing difficulty with getting around, bending over, raising your arms and reaching for things in general. That is why post back surgery equipment was invented. Items such as handicap reachers and shower transfer benches are among the many post surgery aids that can assist you while you are recovering from serious medical procedures on your back.

Handicap Reachers

Handicap reachers are special devices which are designed to enable people to reach items that are far away without having to bend their backs or raise their arms too much. They are often made of aluminum and look a lot like devices used to retrieve trash, except that they have a two-pronged claw at the end of the device which can permit you to grab something with a fair amount of delicacy. You can pick up items as small as dropped coins and as large as a newspaper.

Shower Transfer Benches

Shower transfer benches are another important device that grants you a certain amount of comfort after you have had back surgery. One thing people hate about surgical procedures is the limitations that they put on hygiene afterward. This may be due to having to avoid getting sutures or protective gauze moist. In the case of back surgery, it may just be the difficulty in showering due to the pain of moving around and working your arms. Using a bench like this in the shower allows the water to simply run down over your body and refresh you during your recovery.

The best news about these handicap devices is the price. Reachers are available from prices as low as ten dollars. Transfer benches for the shower and the tub are little more expensive, but also come with some great options. Simple benches can go for as little as 50 or 60 dollars. Padded and adjustable versions will cost a little more.

List of Recommended Post Back Surgery Equipment

In addition to the items suggested above, here is a longer list of recommended products and gifts for someone after back surgery.

  • Handicap Grabbers and Reachers – Reaching for objects far away or high up a shelf can be difficult when you are not supposed to stretch or strain your back. Handicap reachers and grabbers give you that extra length. Make sure to get a long one and a short one so it does not feel awkward or unstable.
  • Suction Grab Bars – Your back is weakened and healing so getting in and out of your bathtub will not be met with the same ease pre-surgery. In places where you need more stability such as the bathroom or shower, grab bars are very much a necessity. If you do not want a permanent installation of a grab bar in your bathroom, suction grab bars are the perfect alternative.
  • Bandage Protectors – After back surgery, you should try to keep your back dry. Wounds, dressings and stitches should be covered with a waterproof bandage protector. These bandage protectors can help keep the water out when showering. If you do get the back area wet, dry the area immediately with a clean towel.
  • No Water Shower Hair Caps – Clean your hair without the use of water to rinse or wet. After back surgery, you are told to keep your back dry for certain period of time. This means you cannot get into a shower to wash your hair. With these shampoo caps, you can put one on, massage your hair and scalp, remove, and dry clean with a towel. Gets rid of odors and washes your hair clean without water or rinsing.
  • Quad Walking Canes – Since your back is still recovering, you need to recruit other stability muscles when walking or go up a flight of stairs. Quad canes provide more stability than single leg canes. Make sure the base of the canes fit the size of the steps.
  • Lift Tables – Reduce the amount of bending and leaning over from your back. Lift tables can raise heavy objects to waist level. Anyone recovering from back surgery, have sciatica, suffer from back pain, or are prone to back injuries will find these lift tables very useful for moving heavy objects around.
  • Sitting Shower Chairs – Most people are unable to stand the entire time when showering but this does not mean you can’t enjoy a shower. Sitting chairs are available with or without a back rest. They are strong and hold more than 250lbs in any wet environment.
  • Medical Walkers – Walking takes a lot of effort after back surgery. Long distances can be quite difficult without the assistance of a walker. If you intend to go places, get this equipment to save your back. It can also carry your groceries or shopping bags.
  • Wiping Aids – If your doctor told you not to twist or bend post back surgery, listen to their advice and get some wiping aids for your backside. Those hard to reach areas on your body will appreciate it.
  • Portable Over Bed Tables – Use this time to rest in bed and recuperate without boring yourself. Over bed tables can act as a food tray, writing desk, table for laptops, book stands, and whatever else you might need in bed.

Whether you are planning to have back surgery or already had the surgery, consider these items to assist in the rehabilitation process.

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Benefits of Handicap Reachers and Grabbers

People with limited reaching capabilities, find using a handicap reacher tool, is helpful when reaching for things that are difficult to get to such as dropped coins, dropped papers or mail, or even items inside cabinets and refrigerators.

What are Handicap Reachers and Grabbers?

Handicap reachers are devices designed to reach objects from a distance and bring them close enough to grab. These long handled graspers act like hands and fingers once you squeeze the trigger.

Buy Best Recommended Handicap Reachers and Grabbers

  • 32 Inch Aluminum Handicap Reacher – Has a non slip gripping surface and is sturdy enough to pick up lightweight objects. Perfect for assisting with socks. Can extend a reach for someone who is handicap in that area.
  • Handicap Reacher with 31 Inches – Lightweight reacher that is able to pick up a penny or even a can of vegetables. Take to your grocery, supermarket or food store to grab cans off the shelves. Handle is a perfect match for most users and is a good reaching device for the handicapped.
  • Lightweight Foldable Grabber – Foldable grabber that can be stored in a suitcase for portable use in travel or vacations.
  • Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip – Handicap reacher with a magnetic tip and a jaw that can pick up cans. Magnetic tip works perfectly for picking up lightweight metal objects in hard to reach places.
  • Rubber Gripping Jaws Grabber – This reacher can extend your reach by 3 feet. With a rustproof lining and a thin build design, this reacher can be used indoors and outdoors and fit into the tiniest areas. Supports up to 5lbs of weight. Highly recommended product!

Reachers come in several different weights and styles depending on the needs of the individual. There are reacher sticks for the handicapped but anyone with a limited range of motion or reach can use these reaching devices. Some of the different styles of reachers available are listed below.

  • Aluminum frame reachers are lightweight and easy for the individual to manage.
  • Rotating head reachers are perfect for picking up small items that are in hard to reach places.
  • Reachers and handicap grabbers are great for individuals who need lift chairs and have trouble reaching things when they are seated.
  • A handicapped person with limited arm mobility can use this to reach shelves and high places.
  • Rotating arm handicap reachers are great for tight spaces where extra movement may be necessary for picking up an item.
  • Suction cups on reachers aid in grabbing an item securely making even slippery items easy to pick up.
  • Magnetic tip reachers have a magnet on the tip which helps the individual to pick up small steel parts like screws or bolts.
  • Foldable reachers are handy when the individual has limited space for storing their reacher, or needs to take the reacher with them when they leave home.
  • Most reachers utilize a trigger mechanism which helps to ensure a tight grip on the object being picked up.

How Can A Reacher Improve Your Quality of Life?

Reachers can improve the quality of life for people with spinal injuries, arthritis, hip, joint, or bone pain, or simply those people who find using a reaching device is easier, safer, and less strenuous, than bending over to pick something up.

In order to reach and grab items in tight spaces, there are slim sized grabbers made perfect for the elderly. They come with a 1 inch width and have the ability to grab items that are 4 inches in diameter.

Listed below are a few ways people might make good use of their reacher:

  • Picking the remote control for your television.
  • Opening drawers or cabinet doors.
  • Getting an object from a high shelf.
  • Use it to pick up an item that has fallen in-between two kitchen appliances.
  • Pulling up socks like some form of dressing aids.
  • Bring one along with you when you go to the grocery stores and get those items at the top of the shelves.
  • Since some come with magnetic tip, pick up nails and keys with ease.
  • Taking a book from a bookshelf.
  • Retrieve pens and pencils from the floor.

Where Can I Buy a Reacher?

Handicap reachers can be purchased from pharmacies, grocery stores, online stores, and even flea markets. Depending on where you choose to buy your reacher, and the quality of reacher you decide on, the prices may range from $10.00 to $40.00. You can check out our list of recommended reachers and grabbers.

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