Bedroom Grab Bars

Mobility is often a concern for elderly people. Being able to safely and easily get around the home can often be difficult. This is certainly the case when it comes to getting in and out of the bed and moving around the bedroom. To assist with individuals who have mobility problems, the installation and use of the bed rails and bedroom grab bars can be of great benefit.

Bedroom Support Poles

To help facilitate with slowly and carefully getting in and out of the bed, floor to ceiling grab bars are easy to install and give the user a great sense of stability and independence. These bedroom support bars can be permanently mounted or can be temporary and movable as well. The permanent poles need to be securely installed into the structure of the ceiling. Poles that are not permanently installed will normally have a large suction cup or base to the pole and a bar at the top that securely spans between ceiling joists. Bedroom grab poles stay securely and tightly in place with little to no damage to the house. They generally cost around $150 to 200 or more.

Bed Assist Bars

When it comes to getting up in bed, bed assist bars are very helpful. These easily attach to the base of the bed or the footboard and are relatively inexpensive. Most of these bars will have several sections or tiers that allow the user to easily pull up so he can easily sit up without assistance. For example, there are bed grab bars that look like a ladder and can be used to help pull yourself up in bed. They are attached onto the bed frame or to the end of the bed.

Recommended Bed Grab Bars

Here are a few recommended bed assistance grab bars that you should consider buying.

  • Floor to Ceiling Grab Bars – Place this next to the bed and use it to stabilize yourself when standing up from bed.
  • Portable Bed Side Bars – These easy to remove and install bed side bars give the user support when getting in or out of bed.
  • Double Sided Bed Rails – These bed rails are dual purpose, providing support when exiting the bed and security from falling out of bed when sleeping.
  • Bed Rope Ladders – Use these handicap bed straps ladder to pull yourself up to a sitting position.

For an individual that needs security in bed so he does not fall or roll out, safety bed rails are ideal. These will generally be attached to the bed frame or slipped under the mattress. Most are able to be adjusted to various heights depending on the needs of the individual. Double sided bed rails can act as guard rails for individuals who roll out of bed during night sleep. Prices vary on the rails, but most cost around $100 or more.

With the installation of one or several of these products, quality of life can be improved, safety can be increased and peace of mind can be had by the user as well as loved ones.

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Double Sided Bed Rails

Security is the number one reason why bed guard rails were invented. They help to keep small children, elderly and the handicapped safely in bed without the worry of falling out.

They remove the worry of accidents and falls occurring in the middle of the night due to active unconscious movement. Let us explore all the double sided bed rails options and the benefits that one can gain from installing these rails onto their preexisting beds.

Bed Rails for the Elderly

Aging adults who require the use of bed safety bars on both side of the bed will be satisfied with this product. Bed rails for the elderly are an essential part to their safety at home. They act as security bed rails to help to keep the sleeping elderly from falling to the floor and breaking fragile bones. An unintended injury like that will cost more in rehabilitation time than for these rails. Some models of these bed rails will have the ability to move, or swing out, so that allows the elderly person to use the rail as an assisting grab bar for support while getting out of the bed.

Double Sided Handicap Bed Rails

Doubled sided handicap bedrails come in a variety of styles. Finding a double sided bed rail that adjusts in height will not only keep the handicapped person safe but will help the caregiver to assist the patient easily. These handicap bed rails can also be lowered to allow the person to hold onto it and assist them in climbing in and out of the bed. Many of these rails come with a weight limit and a high quality rail allows a maximum of 250+ pounds of weight to be applied to them. They work as bed guard rails for handicap adults and as well as creating safe beds for disabled children who roll around at night.

Buy Recommended Double Sided Bed Rails

There are many types of double side bed rails on the market today. The hideaway bed rails do just as the name implies, they can be hidden away when not in use. There are portable bed rails that can be installed quickly and are easily taken down for people who are on the go. This is a great option for guests that visit or for use in hotel rooms. These are simple do it yourself safety bed rails with easy installation. Most require sliding the rail under the mattress and then connecting or attaching a strap so the rail does not move around.

As with the types of double sided bed rails there are also many options in the installation of different kinds. Some rails will have a bar that slides between the top mattress and the foundation. These can be secure and makes installing them easy. Some models will come with a safety strap to make sure that the bar is secure. There are other handicapped equipment on the market that require the rails be bolted to the bed frame. These types do require a bit more work to install but they are one of the more secure types of double sided bed rails sold. Double bed rails can fit a wide spectrum of handicap bed sizes, ranging from one that can fit a small toddler bed to some rails that can expand to secure a massive king size mattress.

Costs of Double Bed Rails

Cost of double sided bed rails will range from $150 to $200 and up. The price will be dependent on many factors. Rails manufactured from steel, to create the frame, will be on the pricier end while rails that are crafted from a thinner metal or plastic will be on the lower price end. The size of the rails will also reflect in the price. As the larger the double sided bed rails are, the higher the price will be.


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