Spring Loaded Chairs for Seniors

Seniors may lack the leg strength to stand from a sitting position. This could possibly leave them in dangerous situations. The following will discuss the benefits of spring loaded chairs for seniors, especially those who live alone.

What are Spring Loaded Chairs?
Also called chair lifts, these chairs are mechanisms that gently move upward, allowing a person in a sitting position to stand with ease. These lifts slowly raise the entire body so that the individual seated does not have to rely on their leg muscles or strength to stand on their own.

Benefits of Spring Lift Chairs

Some elderly individuals lack strength and mobility. They may find themselves stuck in their chairs, unable to use the bathroom, take time-sensitive medications, or get food to eat. They may exert themselves to get out of their standard chairs, leading to muscle strain injuries and potentially deadly falls. Spring loaded chairs for seniors can solve their problems by gently putting them in an upright position.

Types of Lifts & Expense

Having lift chairs at home will ensure that seniors are always able to rise from a seated position with ease. There are several types to choose from. Seat lifts are cushions with a spring that can be placed in any chair and are easily portable. They do not use any form of power, but rather work on an internal spring loaded mechanism. They are lightweight and can be customized depending on the size of the individual. Also, at around $100, they are a cost effective solution to a dangerous problem.

Buy Recommended Spring Loaded Chair Lifts

Other types of chair lifts are powered by electricity. They are a full chair built in with the ability to move at many inclines and angles. These may be more suited to individuals with practically no mobility of their own or those who are much heavier. At an average cost of $600, these are the priciest choice.

Keeping our seniors safe is an important, noble duty. Chair lifts can play a huge role in protecting them from being trapped or injuring themselves when trying to rise up out of a chair. Considering the benefits, they are worth their weight in gold.