Seat Sliders for Cars Make Mobility Easier

Entering and exiting vehicles can become a painful, difficult process even for people who do not have severe mobility problems. Any amount of back pain can be exacerbated by the motion required to sink down into a car seat and then to climb back out of it again. If either leg is unable to provide adequate support and apply pressure to lever the body into the car seat, it can turn a normally simple process into an increasingly frustrating operation. A seat slider for cars makes the process much simpler by taking one motion which places a great deal of stress on the body and breaking it into two parts: sitting on the slider, and then from that position easily gliding the rest of the way into the vehicle.

Slide Cushions

Using seat sliders for cars makes the challenge of getting out of the home and dealing with daily tasks an easier, less painful proposition. They are easy to place, require no maintenance apart from basic cleaning as needed, and are quite affordable. The specific price depends upon the style of seat slider or transfer method used. Slide cushions cost a little more than a slider that essentially serves as slippery car seats. Still more expensive are sliders that swivel, making the turn to face forward cause less strain on the spine.

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Slide Transfer Boards

Slide transfer boards, which are particularly useful for people confined to wheelchairs, come in three basic types, each increasingly more expensive. The most affordable is essentially a wooden board with wedge-shaped ends. Usually one end will feature a handle cut-out to allow the user some grip when pulling themselves along the handicap transfer board. The next step up is heavy-duty plastic; just as strong as wood but a much lighter weight. These also have tapered ends to help slide the board between the user and the wheelchair or car seat. The most expensive slide transfer boards have a seat that glides along bars between the sturdy plastic end pieces. At the lower affordable end, prices for this car handicap equipment can be found for around $20 while those with gliding seats usually cost above two hundred dollars.