Relieve Pressure With Toilet Seat Cushions

Toilet seat cushions can help relieve the pressure on your lower body when you sit. This simple comfort device can be placed on standard toilets, elongated toilets or on handicap commodes.  A person can purchase a three to four inch height, white, vinyl toilet seat cushions at most retailers for between $16-$20. There are ring toilet seat cushions for elevated toilet seats as well. The installation process can be as easy as using the attached Velcro straps and wrapping them around the toilet seat.

Benefits of Toilet Seat Cushions

Some of the benefits and advantages of using toilet seat cushions would include conditions and situations involving different aspects of a person’s overall health. These can include a person who has hemorrhoids and needs a much softer toilet seat. It can involve an individual who has just had most any type of surgery involving the middle or lower part of the body where they are still in acute pain when they sit down. These types of surgeries can include plastic or cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck, a gastric bypass, the removal of an appendix, or any type of gastrointestinal surgery in which a much softer surface is required during the process of defecation or urination. These are very affordable post surgery aids.

Moreover, some people simply are very sensitive to hard toilet seats. The muscles of their buttocks are weak and not that supportive so it can hurt whenever they have to utilize the toilet. People with mobility problems who have great difficulty rising up and down or even walking due to a sprain, strain, or hip, knee or ankle or foot injury would definitely require the use of much softer types of raised toilet seat cushions. And people of a short stature might require the added cushioning benefit of these seats, as would people with back or spinal soreness and injuries so they do not have to bend over forward so much as well.

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Maintenance of Toilet Cushions

These toilet cushions are not hard to maintain. Due to the material they are made out of, which is usually vinyl, they simply need to be cleaned once or twice a week with some rubbing alcohol or disinfectant wipes. Since they usually do not get dirty very often as the person defecates or urinates directly into the toilet basin and not onto the seat, they should simply be kept cleaned for hygienic purposes. Too much abrasive cleaning with harsh chemical cleaners can definitely ruin the soft vinyl and padded material so that should be avoided.

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