Portable Over The Bed Tables

Portable over the bed tables are a staple in many nursing facilities. If you walk down the hallway in any facility, you will notice that each room has at least one bedside table and often times two or three. This is because the uses for the bedside tables are so vast that residents often collect them in their rooms. However, these over the bed tables are widely available for the public to buy.

Often times when people go home from these facilities they ask to take the table home with them. The good news is that these tables are available for home use and are a great item to have in the home. For seniors or disabled people who have a hard time moving around, a portable over the bed table is a lifesaver. Use them for beds, sofas, lift chairs, couches, or over a handicap wheelchairs or transport wheelchairs. It helps in meal service, performing everyday tasks, preventing falls on slippery floors and making life easier at home.

Food Table Trays

A food table tray can be perfect for someone to receive daily meals. Luckily, portable over the bed tables can act as handicap food trays and is perfect for meal service because it can be adjusted up or down to accommodate a person in bed or it can be lowered to use as over the chair tray tables. It also rolls in any direction so the meal tray can be easily accessible. When a person is done eating, they can simply push the portable food trays away and have it out of their way without having to wait for someone to come and remove it. Keep reading for some recommended food table trays to buy. The image below is one example of a over the chair table with an additional support that works like a handicap grab bar.

Portable Bed Tables

If you are looking for a portable table that can slide over your bed, then consider portable bed tables. A portable over the bed table is ideal for letter writing since it is wide enough to accommodate a writing tablet and several other items. Many people use their portable bedside tables to hold remote controls, tissue boxes, water bottles and other items that can easily be accessed by rolling the table toward them. This helps prevent falls that could occur by getting up to get these items which is another wonderful advantage of the rolling table.

Tips to Buy the Right Portable Bed Tables

  • As important as having the ability to slide over the top of the bed, you have to make sure the wheels can slide under your bed. If this is not possible, consider swing away bed tables that allow the base to stay in place while the tray portion can be swung around to your bed area.
  • Measure the lower height portion of your bed to determine how high it is off the ground. Height should be at least 2 to 2 1/2 inches off the ground to accommodate for wheel casters.
  • Measure from the ground to the bed’s mattress. Find a table that can meet those height expectations. Most tables can handle 29 to 41 inches.
  • Get a bed table tray that can support 25 pounds of supporting weight. Not all bed tables are made alike so get one with good quality and reviews like this overbed table.
  • Has a sturdy locking mechanism to hold the portable bed table in place.
  • Easy to release lever and easy to adjust height.

These tables are great home handicap equipment and should be in every household. They are strong enough to support your laptops or cooked meals.

Buy Recommended Over The Bed Tables

  • Swing Away Portable Tables – Swing away tray table that can be swung away once person is done with tray area.
  • Over The Chair Table – This is an over the chair table that works for lift chairs, recliners or couches.
  • Composite Over The Bed Table – Has a composite top that is resistant to cracks and peeling compared to wood.
  • Sturdy Over Bed Table – This table comes with adjustable height and wheels. Can be raised from 28 inches to 45 inches. Highly recommended.
  • Over Bed Tables – These tables have the ability to pivot and tilt on the table top allowing them to be closer to an individual in a bed, chair or wheelchair. Can support heavy gaming laptops and notebooks.
  • Folding Table Over The Chair – Slide the legs of this table under a couch or sofa and use as a table. Fold it down and put away after use.