Mobility Scooter Problems

Mobility scooter owners occasionally experience problems with their vehicles. Instead of sending it off for repairs for every little hiccup, maybe you are having these troubles.

Scooter Does Not Accelerate On The Downhill

When you notice your handicap scooter having problems going downhill, do not be alarmed. This is a built in safety feature that limits the chance of you speeding up and flipping or tilting over on the downhill drive. The scooter is an aid for mobility impaired people and this added feature prevents tipping. If for any reason the scooter tipped over, the person could be in a situation where they are unable to walk for help if no one else is available to assist. There are many good handicap scooters on the market. Here are a few recommended handicap scooters to buy.

My Handicap Scooter Batteries Are Leaking Power

If you are noticing your scooter batteries are losing the charge quickly even after you charged them overnight, try cleaning the connecting cables. Power loss on a battery might be due to dirty cables that are providing a poor connection. Second, check if the problem lies in the battery charger. A broken scooter charger will not charge the battery to its full capacity. Make sure to check for loose cables too. If you are unable to figure out the cause of the leaking power, contact a technician to determine the source. You may have to replace the scooter battery, scooter battery charger or both. You can buy low priced handicap scooter batteries online. Here are a few recommended scooter batteries.


Mobility Scooter Is Making Squeaking Noises

Find out where the squeak is coming from and put a dab of grease on that area. A spray of WD-40 will also help in clearing out some rust and stuck on debris. Keep your scooter clean whenever you return from a trip outdoors. Any water, oil or dirt buildup can create problems in the future. Cleaning and clearing out debris on your handicap scooter will increase the lifespan. Get a bottle of canned air and spray the little holes. Check all the moving parts like the axles and belts. Wiping down your scooter after coming back from the rain will also help in preventing potential rust.

If your handicap scooter is experiencing problems beyond repair, you should consider purchasing a new scooter with a longer warranty than the standard 1-2 years. Before you purchase it out of pocket, check if you can qualify for Medicare. For durable medical equipment, remember that Medicare can pay for 80% of the total cost. Another alternative is to buy used handicapped equipment from owners who recently upgraded or had a temporary disability and no longer require its use.

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