Leg Lifters and Foot Straps

When suffering from one of many different types of debilitating diseases even the simplest tasks such as getting out of bed can be a real struggle.

There will always be good days when you need very minimal help from those around you as well as bad days when you may need leg lifters to fully assist you. If you are unable bend at the knees, trouble lifting your legs into bed or unable to lift your legs off the ground due to limited strength in your lower limbs, then consider leg lifters and foot straps.

Having helpful items available like leg lifters to assist you can make life a lot easier for those that want to maintain as much of their mobility and independence as possible. Bed leg lifters can easily get you in and out of bed without someone having to pick up your leg and do it for you.

How Do Leg Lifters Work?

Use a leg lifter by simply inserting your foot through a sturdy adjustable loop and use your hand to pull the foot up. Leg lifters like shower leg lifters are perfect for those times when you cannot bend at your knees or need assistance lifting your legs into a shower or bathtub.

These devices are light weight and fairly inexpensive but mean the world to someone who is experiencing mobility problems. The leg loop lifters typically feature a very durable fabric of some type in addition to two loops. One loop is used for the wrist and the other for the foot, making them a very simple device to use.

Prices widely vary depending on brand and features, but you can expect to find the average range from between $10 and $20. These devices are available in many different locations outside of just a typical medical supply store, so finding one that is right for you should not be a hard task.

Best Recommended Leg Lifters

Here are a few recommended leg lifters that are worth the buy.

  • Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifters – The extra three loops allow the forearm to assist in positioning and lifting the legs. Metal rod extends 40 inches with a loop that can fit your foot or a cast. These are great legs straps for a wheelchair user.
  • Leg Wrap Positioning Aids – Have the ability to reposition your weakened legs or a leg in a cast. It is like installing loop handles for your legs. Great for transferring from bed to wheelchair.
  • Simple Leg Lifters – This leg lifter is 42 inches long and has a rigid adjustable metal rod.
  • Leg Lifters With Reinforced Webbing – Place lifter under a cast or the sole of your foot.
  • Shower Foot Lifters – Perfect for use in a shower, car or around the house when you are unable to raise your foot.
  • Leg Lift Straps – Great for someone who has limited lower extremity strength and needs to lift their foot on a wheelchair footrest.

Bed Leg Lifters

A leg lifter can be used for more than just fully getting you out of bed in the morning or helping you to get in at night. Their useful design can also assist in small repositions such as just moving your legs into a new position in the handicap beds or even situating yourself into a new position in lift chairs. They can also be used to help you get into your wheelchair if needed and back into bed when you are done and need to rest.

The leg lifters themselves actually require very little maintenance on your part since their design is simple and construction materials are minimal. With proper use of the equipment they should last an individual for quite some time with replacement usually only needed after an extended period when the fabric material may begin to fray from usage.