How To Apply For A Wheelchair

Whether it is due to injury, or long-term health problems, mobility issues can be devastating for an individual or a family. The obvious answer is a wheelchair, but sometimes that can be difficult to afford.

In many cases, it is possible to apply online for a free wheelchair through a variety of services, and in other cases, an individual may have insurance that will cover the cost of a wheelchair. There is no reason to pay for an expensive wheelchair when you may have other options. Scroll down and call the number below if you have immediate questions relating to applying for a wheelchair online.

Power Wheelchairs and Medicare

How to Get a Wheelchair From Medicare or Insurance

The first thing to do is check your insurance policy, and see if it covers the cost of a wheelchair. If it does, then your answer is easy. Find a wheelchair that’s comfortable, and has the features you want, and then use your insurance or Medicare to pay for it. In order to get a wheelchair from Medicare or your insurance companies, make sure the following requirements are fulfilled.

You must have a medical need for Medicare to cover a power wheelchair or scooter. 80% of the Medicare-approved amount, after you’ve met the Part B deductible is paid by them. You pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount. Medicare won’t cover this equipment if it will be used mainly for leisure or recreational activities, or if it’s only needed to move around outside your home.

If your insurance does not cover you, things get a little more complicated, but you still have a great chance to apply and get a free wheelchair online without paying for it.

Wheelchair Application

Apply Online For a Free Wheelchair

Check online for all the different services that can provide free wheelchairs to people with mobility problems. Usually these services will require you to fill out an application, detailing your income, age, the extent of any injuries, and other issues. If you meet their requirements, they will provide you with a wheelchair, and usually you won’t have to pay for anything. In some cases, you may have to pay something, but it will often be greatly discounted. Click here to apply online for a wheelchair.

  • Does insurance or Medicare cover most or all of the costs?
  • Ask them what are your costs.
  • What is the purchasing process involved?
  • Find out how soon you can receive the chair.
  • Ask about the model, size, and capabilities of the chair.
  • Will it work in your home? Be sure to find out if your home is accessible.

If you are looking for a mobility scooter or want an electric wheelchair better configured to meet your needs, find a reputable online dealer that offer reviews and offers many choices for someone who might require funding help from insurance. They will work with your non-HMO Medicare and private insurance companies to make sure you get the right handicapped equipment.

Losing your mobility is a terrible thing all by itself. There are going to be new expenses because of your injuries, and you’ll probably need help from friends and family, especially in the beginning. Even if your mobility is only partially affected, a wheelchair can make things much easier. The sense of independence they provide is almost priceless; it’s well worth the effort it takes to apply for one or buy a wheelchair.