Handicapped Steering Wheel Controls

Driving is a skill that mobile people take for granted. Standard vehicles limit many handicapped people from having the ability to drive. Some people may have lost the use of their lower limbs or are unable to grip the steering wheel.

Driving is one task that most handicapped people cannot even attempt because most car manufacturers do not build the cars for them. However, there are handicapped steering wheel controls (devices that help handicapped people to drive) that allow the individual to drive again. These steering wheel controls put them in the position to regain their independence.

Handicap Driving Products

Portable Hand Controls

For those who are handicapped but have some use of their arms and have a desire to drive, there are products available. Hand controls are the most popular devices for those who do not have use of their feet. These controls are vertical and attach between the drivers and passengers seat, and permanently attach to the accelerator and brake pedals. The driver controls the turn signals and lights with simple switches and buttons on the hand control.

Handicap Brake Controls

Handicap brake controls are similar to hand controls. However, brake controls are often temporary, and if the driver has weak arm strength, this device is not recommended. It does take some arm strength to pull towards oneself to activate the brakes.

Spinner Knobs

Spinner knobs are another device handicap people can use to drive their vehicle. These handicap devices are great for people who have limited hand strength. It attaches to the steering wheel itself. It looks very much like a video game controller. Many types are offered, some are knobs, while others are vertical handles. These knobs have buttons and switches that control the turn signals and all other aspects of the dashboard on a vehicle.

The cost of these devices ranges from $200 to thousands of dollars if there is a handicap van conversion involved. The drivers’ medical insurance often will pay for these devices and the installation of these devices. There is also handicap equipment for cars that assist the elderly and those in wheelchairs enter and exit their vehicles.

It is important for any person, no matter their situation to feel independent. Handicap people deserve to feel as if they can perform daily tasks as well as able bodied people. These products offer that sense of independence.