Handicapped Chairs

Those who suffer from limited mobility or are wheelchair bound may want to consider the purchase of a handicapped chair. Handicapped chairs are used by those who may require assistance bending and moving in order to lower and raise their bodies into a seated position.

Individuals who are hampered by severe or chronic knee pain, back pain or mobility issues of the legs and upper body would benefit from using this type of assistance. Offering the user a gentle lift motion by way of remote capability, handicapped chairs provide assistance in gaining access to a desired position for either sitting or standing with little physical effort.

With the chair seat raised to its highest position, the user is then able to move securely in a backward motion resting their lower body against the raised seat where it then is able to gently lower them into a seated position. This assisted motion relieves pressure on the knees, lower back, hips and arms which normally support these bodily actions during self movement.

Chair Lifts For Seniors

As the senior is seated, the handicapped chair lifts for seniors provides a comfortable gliding motion while lifting the body into a standing position. Both uses, standing to seated and seated to standing, provide the seniors with less physical stress and impact on the joints and muscles which may be adversely affected by the normal tension used when situating the body into these positions during self movement.

Buy Recommended Chair Lifts

Offered in a range of sizes and fabrics to suit any physical need or style, handicapped chairs easily provide both comfort and soothing reliability. Most handicap chairs will come padded with a cotton cushion cover. Higher end lift chair models can be leather or suede covered. This allows them to blend into any room environment.

Lift Chair Weight Capacities

Handicapped chairs are well suited for any need and space. Average handicap chairs will be able to support up to 350 pounds. For those who require more power, there are bariatric lift chairs suitable for weights ranging from the 500 and 700 pound capacity. These are oversized models for the larger individual.

Most lift chairs offer a variety of positions making the choice of comfort levels and positions, a convenient personal option. While some handicapped chairs only perform the seated to standing and standing to seated positions, others are available with both a semi and fully reclining capability.

Who can use these handicapped chairs?

Have you noticed an older friend, relative or neighbor moaning and expressing grief when they sit down or stand up from a chair? Or maybe someone who has undergone knee or hip surgery recently. These chair lifts make excellent gifts for people after an operation. Many people prolong the recovery and rehabilitation period because they bend their hips and knees when they try to sit and stand from chairs. They are told not to put any stress on them but without lifting devices, they have no option. But now with handicap chairs, they can get the chair to raise them from sitting to standing position without compromising their own health.

Handicapped chairs provide the users with the means for solitary and unassisted physical movement, greatly increasing their sense of independence and personal choice. With variable options as to size, weight capacity, fabric types, colors or patterns, a handicapped chair is an optimal choice for those who seek both comfort and style in an independent means of physical assistance.