Handicapped Chair Lift

Are you having trouble getting out of your chair? If you have been using a pillow to provide extra cushion and support to get out of a chair, please know there are other solutions.

There are specially made handicapped chairs or lift chairs that assist you to a standing position. It operates with an electric motor and is able to rise and lean forward. This allows the handicapped user to place their feet on the ground. In addition to assisting you to standing position, these handicapped chairs also allow you to recline back like a bed.

The control switch is very simple to learn, with the controls being up or downhandicapped-chair-lifts. Some models allow you to independently control the headrest and the footrest. If you want your headrest to stay upright but the footrest raise, you can do that. These controls tend to be a bit more complicated but are very customizable to the user’s preference. If you are purchasing this chair for someone who has trouble with gadgets, I would recommend the simpler up and down control switch.

Chairs That Assist With Seat Lift

handicap-chair-liftAn alternative to a handicapped chair is a seat lift assist, which you can place on any regular chair, and the seat lift will rise at an angle to help you to a standing position. These seat lifts and handicapped chair lifts are very helpful for anyone who recently had hip surgery. There are also great for anyone who has arthritis in their hip or knee areas. Seat lifts can usually support weights up to 300lbs and are considerable cheaper than the handicapped chairs.

You can also purchase lift chair accessories like a portable tray for your mealhandicap-seat-lifts or hobbies. Medicare will assist you in the payment of these products. Some have reported payment up to 80% of the total cost of the handicapped chair and seat lifts. For chair lifts, I would not buy used handicapped equipment, just because, I would want to be the first person breaking in the chair. For seat lifts, definitely consider used, because it’s not the same feeling you get with a chair.

Browse the category (Chair/Seat Lifts) and find the chair lift that meets your needs.

Handicapped Chair Lift Tips

If you find yourself having trouble getting out of a chair, make sure to have an accessible phone nearby to call someone. No one should be trapped by their chairs.

For someone who recently had knee surgery, you will not be able to lean forward when you are on a chair or sit in anything that sinks. There are techniques such as straightening your back and then using your hands to slide out to the edge of the chair. Finally lifting your body up with your good leg and hands. But in order to minimize the chances for injury or pain, one should use a handicap chair lift.

To sit down on a chair, reach back on the armrests and slowly lower yourself with the good leg. The bad leg and torso should never bend less than 90 degrees. With a chair lift, you can just raise up to an angle and you can lower yourself back down.

No longer will you have trouble getting out of a chair with these chair lift assistance equipment.

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