Handicap Van Lifts

When you need a permanent solution for exiting out of a wheelchair van, instead of wheelchair ramp, you might want to consider a handicap van lift. It is an electric powered alternative that does not require any manual work. For the price you pay, you get the independence to travel anywhere without an aid.

With a wheelchair ramp for vans, someone would have to slide out the ramp and install it into place. They would also have to make sure the ramp is steady and stable in all types of weather. With a handicap van lift, the mechanism can fold out and all you need to do is position your wheelchair and electric scooter. The process only requires a press of a button and you can be in and out of your handicap equipped van in one minute. You can get in and out of your handicap van independently.

Wheelchair Van Lifts

If a handicapped van lift is outside your budget, you can get an automatic wheelchair ramp. They work by folding out or sliding out electronically to the ground. You can then roll out on your wheelchair and press a button to retract the automatic ramp. The price is cheaper than a van lift but it may not be as sturdy under uneven ground. With a handicap van lift, you can be assured stability and ease.

The modifications to the van are roughly in the 800 to 1000 dollar range but may be considerably cheaper if you can find it used. You can install the van lifts in the rear entry or the side entry. There are additional options like slip resistant matting. Typically, the weight load for the handicap van lifts is 600lbs.


Handicap Scooter Lifts

There are a few options for the type of handicapped scooter lifts you want to purchase. As you can see above, there is the platform scooter lifts, perfectly fitted for side or rear entryway vans. There are also the fold up ramp lifts that require the user to drive the scooter onto the ramp. And then there are scooter tail lifts that you can hook onto a sturdy portion of the scooter and the tail lift will raise the scooter off the ground. After it is off the ground, press a button on the remote to move the scooter into the van.

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