Handicap Equipped Vans

Purchasing a handicap equipped van for your household can have many benefits if you have a disabled person living in your home.

Whether the disabled person in your home is in a wheelchair, unable to walk without assistance or cannot climb stairs easily, handicap equipped vans is a good choice as a mode of transportation. There are a couple of ways to get a handicap equipped van; you can convert your preexisting van, purchase a new van or get it used.

Handicap Equipped Van Conversions

There are a variety of van conversions that you can choose from that are or can be handicap equipped. Handicap equipped vans can contain features like vehicle lifts and/or vehicle ramps. These items are very useful if you do have a disabled person in your life. Just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean they want to sit at home all the time. When you have a van with the proper tools, you can take your disabled friends or family members with you easier on trips. It will save you time and it will save you and the person who needs help the frustration that can come with loading and unloading into a car.

  • Vehicle lifts can help a person in a wheelchair be lifted into the van, where they can stay in their wheelchair for the ride. Vehicle lifts can be installed on the rear of the van or on the sides of the van. They are operated similarly like an elevator.
  • Vehicle ramps can also help people who are in wheelchairs by providing a platform for the user to roll onto the car. Ramps will occupy more of the parking area so there must be careful consideration if this is the method of van entry that you want to buy.

Handicap equipped vans are manufactured by a variety of major car brands, like Ford. While these vehicles are an investment, just like any other vehicle, the time and stress it saves you is well worth any money spent. For example, you can get a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT for around $33,980 that comes with a ramp.

Used Handicap Vans

If you need to save money, you can always buy an used older model handicap van or consider a handicap van conversion. If you keep proper maintenance on the vehicle, your overall costs will be lower. When buying used handicap vans, make sure everything fits. A person on a scooter or wheelchair will require additional height because of potential bumps and shaking along the drive. Proper van shock absorbers are very important for the safety of the individual. Look for mounting systems and rails where you can lock the disability vehicle in place, so it does not move around during movement. Send the used handicap van to a third party mechanic and make sure they will tell you anything that is wrong with it.

If handicapped equipped vans are outside the your budget, consider wheelchair van rentals or transportation vans for traveling purposes. Find a reputable company with capable workers who can meet your physical needs.

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