Handicap Accessible Equipment

Handicap accessible equipment was designed to make it easier and safer for those who suffer from physical handicaps. Elderly people may also benefit from certain items that can be placed throughout the home.

Handicap accessible equipment can be used inside and outside the home. There are several types of equipment designed to assist the handicapped with daily activities. Wheelchairs, walkers, and stairway lifts are pieces of handicap accessible equipment that can assist those with mobility issues. Other handicap equipment that assist the handicapped also include items used in the kitchen, shower, bathrooms, and even pools and spas.

handicap-accessible-stairliftThere are several benefits to those who depend on handicap accessible equipment in their daily lives. For a person with mobility issues who rely on wheelchairs, the kitchen can be troublesome and dangerous. Sinks with a wheelchair approach are designed specifically for wheelchair confined individuals. This wheelchair bathroom sink raises and lowers to the wheelchair’s level; making washing dishes a safe and convenient chore. Cook tops and cabinets are also made with a wheelchair approach. Cooking on a regular stove-top can lead to fires, and reaching for items in cabinet with spatulas can lead to being hit with falling objects.

bathroom-handicap-accessibleHandicap accessible equipment can make a huge improvement in one’s life. Most people who are handicapped are able to live independently, but they must overcome obstacles. Falls in the shower are common injuries. Roll in shower stalls can improve how wheelchair bound individuals shower. Folding tub seats and wheelchairs that are specifically designed for the shower can be used to make showering safer. Grab bars can also be installed to prevent failing and to aid in stability. Handicapped individuals who must work outside the home may find their professional lives can be improved by such items as desks and computer stations made with a wheelchair approach.

side-entry-handicap-van-accessibleWhen travelling outside the home, you can have the convenience of handicap accessible vans that provide side entry or rear entry access. These vans or minivans can carry a scooter or wheelchair to your destinations. Some even allow the handicapped user to roll their wheelchair onto the driver’s seat for driving.

handicap-accessible-platform-liftsThe cost of handicap accessible equipment can be very expensive, and many insurance providers do cover some of the cost of the equipment. Before purchasing any equipment, it is advised to consult your insurance provider to see what will be covered.