Foot Stools Bring You One Step Closer

Foot stools are normally considered to simply be a way of elevating the feet while sitting and they are certainly appreciated for this function. But a foot stool has so many other uses; they will easily become the most important household accessory in almost every room of the home.

Foot Stools Around The Home

A beautiful fabric or leather-covered foot stool adds style, comfort and beauty to the living room or den, when used as an ottoman. In the bedroom, a bed-side step stool can be of great assistance stepping in and out of bed, or reaching the items stored on a shelf in the closet when handicap reachers are unable to do so. The footstool to the right is a heavy duty grab step stool that has a high handrail for extra support and grabbing. The home office will also benefit from the use of a foot stool. It has been shown that elevating the feet while keyboarding can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. This position aids blood circulation while sitting and is helpful for any situation that requires sitting for extended periods. These are also great step stools with handles for getting stuff from the top shelf of a bedroom closet.

Kitchen Step Stools

The kitchen is also an area that benefits greatly from use of a handicap step stool, especially a folding style that is easily stored out of the way. Many cabinets have shelving that is too high to be reached comfortably and step stools with safety treads are much safer than using a kitchen chair. For more security, one or two-step folding foot stools with handles are also available at a very reasonable price, usually around $50. They are very sturdy and durable, lasting for years.

Buy Recommended Foot Stools

There are also situations that call for a support step stool, particularly the style with handles that assist elderly or physically restricted adults. These stools are specially designed to prevent slips and have easy built-in handles. In the bathroom, bath step stools can help those who have trouble stepping over the tall curbs especially if you do not have a walk in shower enclosure.

The vast selection of these decorative, useful and multi-function stools can be viewed online, with easy comparison of pricing, which can start as low as $20 for the highly functional models.