Equipment for Moving and Transferring Wheelchair Users

Moving wheelchair users can be quite problematic, rigorous and risky for the inexperienced. Research the subject and gain experience when moving a handicap person.

Once you get familiar with how to transfer a wheelchair patient using a transport wheelchair, the process will get a lot easier.

Fortunately, there are a few wheelchair transfer equipment and devices that can help with the transporting. These items will help you and the handicap person feel a lot more stable and confident on getting moved. A lot of times we are worried about the safety of moving someone and handling their body weight during the move. These equipment reduces these risks for both individuals.

Moving Wheelchair Users With Transfer Boards

One of these items that we are speaking of is handicap transfer boards. These are transfer devices that can be used, independently or with the assistance of a caretaker, to move a person from one place or position to another. These transfer boards allow the person to slide along a board. They can be used in such situations like for a wheelchair to toilet transfer or a bed to wheelchair. These boards are sturdy and can typically support from 220lbs to 250lbs.  These transfer devices will help you and the person you are moving feel a whole lot safer.

Moving Wheelchair Users With Gait Belts

The other transporting item that we were speaking of is called a gait belts. This gait belts is something that you secure around the person you are transporting form one place to another. This item is thick and sturdy so it will give you the stability that you need. The person you are moving will fully be in this transporting item then you will lift this up, some of these belts have an electric moving support that attaches to them to help you move the person. This also frees your hands a little, to where you can help situate the chair or the person without having to worry about letting them go.

Moving Wheelchairs Users With Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer lifts are typically capable of supporting heavier weights from 350lbs to 450lbs. The downside to these lifts is the size and the costs. However, all the weight is placed on a sling and no strain is put on the mover.

These items are fully recommended, by other users. Once you have this kind of help you will be glad that you checked into them and purchased them. These items will give you the safety and security that you feel like you needed before to help be more efficient in moving your loved one. This way you will not have to worry about having to lift, move or transport them all by yourself. They have a lot of different items like this to choose from, all you would have to do is research this subject of transporting devices online. There are several online stores that you can look around in.