Common Electric Scooter Questions

You should be aware of these electric scooter questions before or even after you have purchased a scooter. The sooner you realize your own personal scooter requirements and your own local laws on driving a scooter, the better you improve your quality of life.

Is A Scooter Right For Me?

Based on your handicap, a scooter might end up being a hindrance than an aid. You should have sufficient upper body strength to reach the controls of a scooter in order to drive. You should also have enough strength to exit and get on a scooter’s seat. Make sure you have no problem sitting for extended periods of time. The regular users of scooter tend to be the elderly, have some moderate arthritis, pulmonary or cardiac problems, trouble walking distances and experience fatigue easily.

Should I Buy A 3 Wheel Scooter Or A 4 Wheel Scooter?

If you live in a home with sharp turning corners, the number of scooter wheels is a crucial decision. With fewer wheels on a mobility scooter, you are able to maneuver around at sharper angles. Without turning angles, even with a scooter, you will remain immobile and unable to access tighter areas. This is why the choice of 3 or 4 scooter wheels is a very important purchase.

How Do I Transport My Electric Scooter?handicapped-electric-scooter

You can get van or truck to be your handicap scooter carrier. Make sure the scooter transportation van has enough space for both the wheelchair ramp or lift and scooter. The more popular vans and trucks people purchase to carry their electric scooters and power wheelchairs are the Toyota Tundra, Dodge Grand Caravans, Ford Galaxy, Ford Windstar, and the Chevy Uplander. Some of these transportation vehicles have rear-entry or side entry door modifications for easy entrances and exits. If you prefer there are many transporting companies that will drive you and your scooter to your planned destination for a reasonable rate.

Is Scooter Insurance Required?

For an electric scooter, normally, it will not require any insurance. However, this depends on your local laws. Some areas may require you to purchase insurance before you can legally drive it out in public. When you purchase scooter insurance, people tend to feel more comfortable in their surroundings while out driving. As you know, scooters can get expensive without insurance or Medicare, so any damages to the handicap scooter will be costly and leave you immobile for a while. So it is extremely recommended to have some, in the unlikely event, that the mobility scooter gets stolen or damaged by someone or something. We cannot predict the outcomes in life; we can only limit the harms by protecting ourselves. Scooter insurance protects our wallets.