Clothing Protectors and Adult Bibs For Food Spills

Bibs are not just for kids anymore. When we were young our parents would always make sure that we were wearing our protective bibs so that we would not get our clothes dirty.

They worked wonderfully, but at some point we stopped wearing them because we feel they looked silly on us. Well, these clothing protectors are back for our safety, and they are available in larger sizes and stylish designs that adults can wear.

Adult Bibs to Protect Your Skin

The main reason that adult bibs are used is to protect the clothing and skin of its user. Older people, handicapped people, and even just clumsy people find a use for these adult bibs. They can also protect the wearer from getting burned if hot foods are accidentally spilled on the chest or lap. These are great adult coffee bibs when you are already dressed for work and need some coffee. Strap it around your neck and remove any fears of spilling coffee on your outfit or suit. They cover a large surface area without being too burdensome and work well with bed rest equipment.

Although it works great for the above examples, it is also a product that anyone can use regularly. If you have shaky hands when feeding yourself, consider these handicap eating aids. Additionally, how many times have you been in a rush to get out the door to an important meeting only to drop something down your shirt or pants just minutes before you leave? It would not happen when you were wearing waterproof mealtime protectors.

Buy Recommended Mealtime Protectors

  • Neoprene Clothing Protectors – Made of stain resistant Neoprene. This clothing protector is great for seated wheelchair users because it extends down to their laps.
  • Waterproof Adult Bibs – Drink hot fluids and coffee without fear of spills or scalding burns.
  • Stylish Mealtime Protectors – This is a waterproof adult bib that covers the chest and the lap for ultimate food spilling protection.

There are a few different brands of these floating around. The cost is fairly low though. The price ranges between $7 and $15 dollars. There are some great ones at the $10 price point though, and that is where I usually take a look. Usually anything more expensive is just to pay for the brand name or a specialized material.

It is always important to make sure that when you are in the market for adult bibs you make sure to get the right ones. Always make sure to get one that is made out of something that is waterproof and washable. It is much easier to throw a dirty clothing protector straight into the washing machine rather than to hand wash it.

These clothing protectors are not something you would wear out to a fancy restaurant, but they sure do come in handy when preparing yourself to go out. You never know when your baby is going to fling food all over that brand new dress you got for your business meeting. Protect yourself with waterproof mealtime protectors just to be safe.