Commode Liners for Quick Cleanups

Urinary and fecal incontinence can be disabling and embarrassing, but it is a fact of life for many home-bound patients. Portable bedside toilets provide ease and comfort for people who have trouble making it to the bathroom. Because toilet buckets can be messy, medical suppliers offer commode liners for quick cleanups.

Disposable commode liners are ideal for quick cleanups at home or during travel, and they work with most bedside commode pails. These handy, inexpensive bags are a hygienic alternative to traditional commode cleaning and washing.

Liner bags eliminate contact between caregivers and human waste, so bedside toilet areas stay clean and sanitary. With disposable commode liners, toilet cleaning has never been easier.

Disposable Commode Liners

Disposable commode liners have several benefits for the home environment, and they are also useful on the road. Not only do they protect the health of home-bound patients and caregivers, but they also improve their quality of life. Toilet liners eliminate the messy chore of cleaning portable bedside commodes, and they improve the morale of everyone involved.

  • Commode liners contain absorbent incontinence pads that are made with special gelling agents. The pads absorb urine and feces, and the gel solidifies the waste to prevent splashes and spills during cleaning. The gelling agent also neutralizes odors and harmful contaminants to reduce the spread of infection. Commode cleanup is fast and efficient. 
  • Most disposable commode liners are good for three to five uses. This usually means a full caregiver shift. Most liners are latex-free, so they are safe for people with sensitivities that harm skin. 
  • Portable toilet liners save time and the environment. Cleanup means a simple seal and toss into a garbage can after use. Biodegradable bags are eco-friendly and approved for land-fills. 

Disposable Commode Liner Costs

commode-pail-linersDisposable commode liners are available in several different quantities and box sizes, and they are priced to suit any budget. The typical cost ranges from $30 for a pack of twelve bags to more than $300 for a case of toilet liners.

Consumers can purchase commode liners from most medical supply stores and some online retailers. Most businesses offer several payment options and delivery methods. Return policies vary by company.

Disposable Commode Liner Maintenance

Disposable commode liners require very little maintenance, so they are easy and convenient to use. Cleaning bedside commodes involves lifting the used bags out of commode pails, sealing them with adhesive strips and tossing them away. This easy, 30-second cleanup replaces the ten minutes it normally takes to wash and sanitize portable bedside pails.

Commode liners are indispensable aids for caregivers of home-bound patients. They are also hygienic for the patients themselves. They offer a good alternative to traditional cleanups after the less comfortable moments in life.


Improve Lighting In The Bathroom

If you’re like many homeowners, your bathroom is likely to be one of the most poorly lit rooms in your house. This doesn’t just interfere with everyday tasks like shaving, putting on makeup and other grooming activities. It can also be very dangerous.

Poor lighting also means that you’re less able to see obstacles or puddles of water on the floor, putting you at a high risk of slippery falls and tripping accidents. Fortunately, there is no need to face this danger. Here are some of the ways that you can improve lighting in the bathroom.

Dimmer Switches

Bright lighting isn’t always ideal. When you want to take a hot, relaxing bubble bath, having bright light glaring in your face can be irritating. With a little ingenuity, however, you can have your cake and eat it, too. By installing a dimmer switch, you can turn up the intensity of the lights when you need optimal visibility, and turn it down when you want something softer. This helps to keep you and your family safer while simultaneously allowing you the benefit of soothing light levels.

Heat Lamps

Do you hate getting out of a nice, hot shower or bath only to be exposed to the cold air outside of the water? If so, perhaps you should consider extra lighting that serves a dual purpose. You need to have adequate lighting in the bathroom anyway, but you can also use it to keep yourself warm while you dry off. Heat lamps are a great way to achieve this. When you want to see a little better and avoid a shocking chill, simply flip it on.

Use Bright Lights

Among the easiest ways to improve lighting in the bathrooms is to use brighter lights. Although compact fluorescents are energy-efficient and last a long time, they often fail to deliver the amount of light that you need in this area of your home. Therefore, it is recommended that you use halogen or incandescent bulbs in your bathrooms. These may not last as long or save you as much money on your energy bill, but the extra light that they offer can potentially save you from having to pay costly medical bills and losing time at work. Besides, with the help of a dimmer switch, these lights can be made a bit more efficient.

Location is Everything

Where you place your bathroom’s lights is quite possibly more important than the type of lighting that you use. Install fixtures where they will make the most difference, such as next to the vanity mirror, above the toilet, lights above the shower or right next to the shower or tub.

Recessed Lighting

While recessed lights are attractive and out of the way options for your bathroom, they aren’t ideal for every situation. When you’re grooming in front of the mirror, they tend to cast a shadow over your face due to their downward-facing angle. This can make it very difficult to accurately apply makeup and can make it easy to miss hairs when shaving or plucking. However, they are great to use above your shower stall since they are out of the way and will not get splashed with water spray.

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