Benefits of Installing Bariatric Grab Bars

Bariatric grab bars can be used anywhere in the home, but are often particularly helpful when used in the bathroom and bedroom areas. A handicap grab bar can assist in movement by providing a firm handhold to use when moving from sitting to standing position. A bariatric bar can hold up to 450 pounds, depending on the bar that you have chosen to install.

Types of Bariatric Bars

There are three main styles of bariatric grab bars available: A vertical pole that runs from the ceiling to the floor and a horizontal bar that attaches to the wall. The pole styled bariatric shower grab bar can be used in the shower, or near sitting spaces that are used frequently. The pole can be installed anywhere in the home, unlike the horizontal bariatric grab rails which need to be installed on a wall. The pole is very useful when there are no nearby walls in the areas where standing and sitting assistance is needed.

Vertical Pole Grab Bar

A floor to ceiling vertical pole bar can be perfectly for anyone who needs this wall-less option. The vertical pole reaches heights of 7 to 9 feet. An extend-able option can stretch this pole to 10 feet while still providing a weight capable of 300lbs. There is no need to screw into the floor and ceiling either. These handicap standing poles do not need a floor mount. Rubber padding on both sides of the mounted pole limits the amount of damage to the house and keeps the handicap pole in place.

Handicap Super Pole

The image to the left is a super pole and works for floor to ceiling ranges of 93 to 99 inches. Made of heavy gauge steel and is a very solid floor to ceiling pole. The height of this super pole can be adjusted with a simple turn of a screw located at the bottom of the pole. This is a bariatric pole that supports weights of 300-450lbs. Has an additional horizontal pivoting and locking bar for support, placed perpendicular to the vertical super pole. Read more about the benefits of this handicap bariatric bar by clicking the link below.

Horizontally Mounted Grab Bar

The horizontal bariatric grab bar is used very frequently, as well. This type of bar or handrail is often used in bariatric baths, where floors can be slippery. These heavy duty grab bars can be installed on any wall, but you may want to ensure it is drilled into the wall studs, and not directly into the drywall to ensure the bar is secure.

Angled Bariatric Grab Bar

These angled grab bars are heavy duty and are usually at an angle of 90 degrees or 135 degrees. They provide both the benefits of horizontal and vertical grab bars. These angled bariatric grab bars do require a wall installation with secured anchors to provide maximal benefit. Suction angled grab bars are also available for someone with that need.

Using a Heavy Duty Grab Bar

One of the biggest benefits of using bariatric grab bars in your home is that you greatly reduce the chances of falling when moving from sitting to standing, as well as reducing the risk of falling when getting into and out of the bath. They can handle heavy duty loads in an emergency. There are both portable suction grab bars and permanent types of grab bars that can be installed throughout the home.

Installing a Bariatric Grab Bar

When you install a bariatric grab bar, you will want to have it customized to the person who will be using the bar. Install it approximately 36 inches away from the floor, in a location that is easy for the person to reach. You will also want to make sure that the handicap bars that you install are intended to support the weight of the person who will be using it. This point cannot be emphasized enough. A bariatric grab bar is only as good as the installation. If it is installed incorrectly, you might as well not install one. The grab bar is supposed to provide a sense of security and assure the user that it can support their weight. Bad installations will result in injuries. If you are unable to do this installation, find a qualified contractor, friend or neighbor who understands how to do this properly.

With that in mind, make sure the wall is capable of supporting the strength of the nails. Simple dry walls are often not strong enough to support weights over 100 lbs. The bariatric grab bar must be installed into a wall metal stud. In addition, if you are installing in a wet handicap bathroom environment, make sure to use stainless steel nails that will stop rusting. Rust can break down a strong sturdy nail in a short amount of time. Another grab bar installation tip is to check the stability every month. A good time to check is when the bathroom is being cleaned.

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